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Mine Safety (MSHA) Courses

There are few places where more hazards exist than a busy mining operation, and our clients have seen safety record improvement through our standardized training solution. We give you the flexibility to train employees anywhere, anytime, and with fully automated compliance documentation. It’s simple. When you increase productivity, improve your safety performance, and get more training for the dollar, there’s more profit on the table.

Occupational Safety & Health (OSHA) Courses

We are known for our OSHA online safety training library, which we never stop improving or investing in. The OSHA library is our most diverse category and it is where you find critical basic training required by specific regulations. We offer OSHA safety courses, online, in any language, and at a competitive price. If don't know what training you need, we can help. And if you're worried about fitting your budget, check out our pricing and see how we can help you save money.

The intent behind Occupational Safety and Health training is to prevent diseases, injuries, and deaths due to working conditions. Our OSHA library has some of the best content we’ve ever created, and mobile ready. It can help improve your safety record, workforce productivity, and overall return on investment (ROI). Whether your company is large or small, keeping your people safe is our primary concern and that is why our OSHA is a true reflection of our mission to help save lives in high-risk work environments.