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Find the right Mine Safety & Health Administration (MSHA) training!

February 15, 2018 | about 3 minutes to read

Find the right Mine Safety & Health Administration (MSHA) training!

HSI's MSHA training online team created this handy infographic to help mine operators, new miners, experienced miners, mining contractors, and mine staff, easily identify and purchase the correct safety training.

The first question you must answer is what type of mine are you training for?

Mines and mine sites fall into two basic categories: surface mines and underground mines.

If you are in need of safety training for underground mine operations, then you are in the wrong place; HSI does not offer Part 48 Underground 4-Hour classes or Part 48 Underground 8-Hour Refresher courses.

However, if you are expecting to work at a surface mine operation, the next question you must answer is what materials are being mined at that location?

Surface mines are split into two groups of mines: (a) metals, non-metals, coal and (b) aggregates. Minerals falls into each of those mine categories.

After determining which type of mine you need to access (type a or b), you’ll think back to your previous MSHA training experience.

If you have not had any MSHA training whatsoever, you are considered a new miner and must take MSHA training for Part 46 (aggregate mining) or Part 48 (metal, non-metal, and surface coal mining).

Download Mine Type Infographic

What if I’ve taken the new miner training recently?

If you have taken mine safety training in the last 3 years, you will need to take a refresher course each year. To purchase refresher training, you’ll need to provide your documentation for completion of MSHA new miner training.

MSHA Part 46 New Miner requires 24 hours of courses and costs $150; MSHA Part 46 Refresher requires 8 hours of training and costs $150 per miner.

MSHA Part 48 Surface New Miner requires 24 hours of training and costs $499 for a live online training experience; successful participants receive 5000-23 certification.

MSHA Part 48 Refresher requires a minimum of 8 training hours and costs $199 per miner.

To help determine the type of mine you’ll be accessing and find the most appropriate MSHA training, have a look at this list of aggregate and metal, non-metal, or coal mine types.