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What MSHA Training Do I Need?

December 20, 2017 by Barrett Pryce | about 3 minutes to read

What MSHA Training Do I Need?

One of the barriers to mine safety training is that many new miners do not know which MSHA safety courses they must take to satisfy federal Mine Safety & Health Administration training requirements.

Thankfully, there are two simple questions to answer to make the appropriate determination:

#1. Will you be working at a surface mine?

#2. Will you be mining underground or working surface areas of underground mines?

After answering either question, find the right mine safety training by following these simple rules…

  • All surface aggregate miners are required to complete MSHA Part 46 training; new miners must take 24 hours of training (available online), while returning miners need 8 hours of refresher training annually.
  • All surface miners intended to work at metal, non-metal mineral, and surface coal mine operations, must take Part 48 MSHA training; new miners are required to take 24 hours of instructor-led training to obtain 5000-23 certification. Experienced or returning miners need 8 hours of Part 48 (subpart B) refresher training.
  • All underground mining requires Part 48 MSHA training; new miners need 40 hours of safety training, while experienced miners or returning miners need 8 hours of refresher training to maintain “competent person” designation.

Often times the confusion between MSHA Part 46 and Part 48 safety training requirements is due to uncertainty about the type of mineral, rock, metal, or metal alloy mined at specific mine sites or regions.

That’s understandable—there are many different types of aggregate mines and metal mines across the United States.

However, you’ll notice that many mine operations are uniquely specific to regions with large resource deposits or aggregates or metals.

This chart will help you clarify MSHA safety training needs based on mine activity type:

Mine Safety & Health Administration Training By Mine Type
MSHA Part 46 MSHA Part 48
Sand Bauxite (aluminum ore)
Stone Beryllium (Bertrandite)
Gravel Boron (Borax)
Potash Bromine Coal
Sandstone Iron Ore
Slate Copper
Shale Nickle
Clay Platinum
Flyash Molybdenum
Shell Lithium
Salt Lead
Rock Silver
Granite Gold
Marble Uranium
Traprock Zinc
Cement Steel
Feldspar Cobalt
Phosphate Titanium
Limestone Gypsum
Basalt Diamond
Barite Slag
Kaolin Pyrophyllite

Download MSHA Training Mine Types